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Glasses Sliding? 6 Ways an Optician Can Fix Your Frames

May 21, 2024

If you wear glasses, you know the frustration of having them constantly slip down your nose. Whether you’re in the middle of an important meeting, enjoying an evening out, or simply going about your daily activities, dealing with sliding glasses can be incredibly irritating. 

At Raphael Opticians, our expert team in Westchester County has a variety of solutions to ensure your prescription eyewear fits perfectly. Here are six effective ways we can fix your sliding frames and help you see clearly without constant readjustment.

1. Adjusting the Nose Pads

One of the most common causes of slipping glasses is improperly adjusted nose pads. If your glasses have adjustable nose pads, an optician can fine-tune their position to ensure a snug fit. The pads should sit comfortably on your nose, providing enough grip to keep your glasses in place without causing discomfort. At Raphael Opticians, we use precise tools to make these adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort and stability.

2. Tightening the Screws

Loose screws in your glasses’ hinges can lead to a wobbly fit, causing them to slide down your face. Our opticians will carefully inspect and tighten all screws in your frames. Regular maintenance, such as tightening screws, is essential to keep your glasses in perfect condition and extend their overall lifespan. If necessary, we can also replace missing or worn screws to restore the integrity of your frames.

3. Replacing or Adding Temple Tips

Temple tips, the parts of the frames that rest over your ears, can wear out over time, becoming smooth and less effective at holding your glasses in place. Replacing old temple tips with new, non-slip ones is a small change that can make a significant difference. Additionally, if your frames do not have temple tips, our opticians can add them for extra grip. At Raphael Opticians, we offer a variety of materials and styles to match your preferences and ensure maximum comfort.

4. Adjusting the Frame Fit

Sometimes, the overall fit of the frames needs to be adjusted. This can involve altering the curvature of the temples (the arms of the glasses) to better hug the sides of your head or adjusting the angle of the frame front. Our opticians offer over 60 years of expertise in reshaping frames to ensure they fit securely and comfortably on the face. Proper frame fit not only prevents slipping but also ensures optimal vision correction by keeping the lenses in the right position.

5. Using Anti-Slip Products

For additional grip, we can apply anti-slip products to your glasses. These include silicone nose pads, ear hooks, and temple grips that provide extra friction and hold. These products are particularly useful for those with active lifestyles or for glasses that are prone to slipping due to facial structure. At Raphael Opticians, we offer a wide range of anti-slip solutions tailored to your specific needs.

6. Custom Frame Adjustments

In some cases, off-the-shelf solutions may not be enough. Our opticians can provide custom frame adjustments for a personalized fit. This may involve modifying the frame shape or even suggesting a different style of glasses that suits your facial features better. We believe in a personalized approach, ensuring that each customer receives a tailored solution that works best for them.

Don’t let slipping glasses disrupt your life. Come to Raphael Opticians, your trusted source for Westchester County prescription eyewear, for professional frame adjustments and a solution that lasts. Our skilled team is here to ensure your glasses fit perfectly, giving you the confidence and clarity you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference of personalized vision care.

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