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FAQ from Raphael Opticians in White Plains, NY

March 18, 2024

Here at Raphael Opticians in White Plains, NY, we often find ourselves answering a range of questions from clients who are seeking to understand more about the services we provide and the importance of regular eye care. In this helpful guide, we will address some of the most common questions opticians tend to get, ensuring that you leave with a clear understanding of our profession and its significance to your eye health.

Common questions for Raphael Opticians in White Plains, NY.

Do I really need to visit an optician if my vision seems fine?

Absolutely! Regular visits to Raphael Opticians in White Plains, NY are crucial for maintaining optimal eye health. Many eye conditions develop gradually and may go unnoticed until they become more severe. A comprehensive eye exam not only determines the quality of your vision, but it also checks for signs of eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts.

How often should I go for an eye examination?

The American Optometric Association recommends having a comprehensive eye exam every two years if you are under the age of 60 and every year if you are 60 or older. However, if you have certain medical conditions, a family history of eye diseases, or if you wear corrective lenses, more frequent visits may be necessary. Your optician will advise you on the frequency that suits your specific needs.

Is it possible to correct my vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses?

In certain cases, yes! Advances in technology have made it possible to correct vision through various surgical procedures such as LASIK. However, not everyone is suitable for such procedures, and it is important to consult with your optician to determine the most appropriate solution for your specific circumstances.


What are the signs that I might need glasses?

Common signs of vision problems include difficulty reading small print, blurred or double vision, eye strain, frequent headaches, and changes in your ability to see at various distances. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is advisable to visit Raphael Opticians in White Plains for an eye examination to determine the cause and receive the appropriate prescription.

Can children wear contact lenses?

Yes, children can wear contact lenses, but it is important to consult with an optician first. Contact lenses require responsible handling and proper hygiene, which may be challenging for young children. Additionally, the type of contact lenses suitable for children may differ from those for adults. Your optician will guide you through the process and recommend the most appropriate options for your child.

How do I choose the right frames for my face?

Selecting the right frames can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. Consider the shape of your face when choosing frames. For example, a round face may benefit from frames with more angular lines, while a square face may be complemented by rounder frames. Additionally, your optician can help you select frames that not only suit your face shape but also accommodate your prescription lenses comfortably.

How should I take care of my glasses?

Proper care is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your glasses. Clean your lenses with a microfiber cloth and lens cleaning solution, avoiding the use of harsh cleaners or paper towels which can scratch the lenses. Additionally, store your glasses in a protective case when they are not in use and avoid leaving them in extreme temperatures. Regular adjustments and maintenance by your optician will also help ensure your glasses remain in top condition.

Get the eye care you deserve!

White Plains’ Raphael Opticians has been fortunate enough to grow through this industry over the years, and no matter what your eye care needs are, our team is confident we can match you with the perfect solution for your needs. If you still have further questions, check out our helpful FAQ online, or get in touch to start today!