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Five Signs You Might Need New Eyeglasses in NY

November 11, 2022

Headaches, squinting, and sore, tired eyes are clear signs that your current eyeglasses aren’t cutting it, and you need an updated prescription. But how do you know what signs to look for to determine whether you need new eyeglasses in NY? Here are five signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

1. Blurry vision

If your eyesight is blurry at any distance, a new pair of glasses may be just what the doctor ordered. But how do you know what type of lenses you may need? Your eye doctor will help you determine what will help your eyes the most. However, you should remember that your age determines the type of lenses you need. For example, if you’re over 40, a pair of reading glasses or progressive lenses can help clear up any blurry words on the page of a book or text on your smartphone. But if you need a sharper focus on things in the distance, you’ll likely need a stronger prescription.

2. Headaches

Headaches can be caused for several reasons, including issues with your vision. Undiagnosed nearsightedness or an out-of-date prescription can make your head hurt. But buying a new pair of glasses can help fix the problem. Your frames can also cause problems if they pull against the back of your ear or if the temples fit too tightly against the side of your head.

3. Squinting

If you’re squinting to see your computer monitor or your digital devices, you may be experiencing eye strain. A pair of computer glasses can help you focus your intermediate vision, making it easier for you to keep your focus. These glasses also block out blue light, which has been linked to poor sleep quality. So if you’re frequently exposed to screens or monitors, computer glasses may be the right answer.

4. Double vision

Having double vision can lead to severe complications. But visiting an eye doctor can help you get down to the root cause of your symptoms. It could be that your eyes are crossed or more serious, like keratoconus. Regardless of your doctor's diagnosis, you will likely need a new pair of glasses with more prismatic power to help fix your double vision.

5. Infrequent eye exams

Have you been to see your eye doctor recently? As we get older our vision changes, and so do our prescriptions. Annual eye exams are the best way to monitor your vision changes and ensure your prescription eyeglasses are the right fit for you. Eye exams can also catch any suspicious symptoms that might threaten your vision, so your eye doctor can treat them before the problem arises. Comprehensive eye exams include several different things to determine what kind of eyeglasses will help you the most, including:

  • Visual acuity tests
  • Color blindness tests
  • Ocular motility tests
  • Depth perception tests

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