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Raffaele (Ray) Tedesco, licensed professional New York State Optician (Ophthalmic Dispenser) and Contact Lens Practitioner has been serving White Plains as a top quality master optician for more than five decades.

He is the last independent optician in White Plains. Independent meaning he does not exam the eyes as he believes it to be an unethical conflict of interest to both examine the eyes and write a prescription that you would now fill. Ask yourself, who do you take them back to if your not happy with them. Ray must make both you and the examining doctor happy. He has built his business on a sterling reputation of filling prescriptions from the referrals of eye doctors from all over the metro area. His following has continued to be enlarged by the personal referrals of his customers. Personal satisfaction.

Eye Doctor 10605 Ray considers himself to be the backstop for all the eye doctors, by solving all complicated and difficult eyeglass prescriptions and problems. Raphael Opticians even protects you from an eye doctor prescription error provided that eye doctor is not in the eyeglass making business.

His experience at making a pair of eyeglasses fit comfortably has brought him those customers who are annoyed by ill-fitting or have special sensibilities and needs. Fit is almost as important as the Rx.

Ray believes “that the more patience you have the more patients you have”.

He believes it is our job to help with the selection of the right frame for your face and your prescriptive needs. Ray prefers to have a younger assistant so that they can keep him up to date with the latest trends and styles. He carries many designer products as well as other high fashion frames. We want you to have the best look for you.

Regarding lenses: Because of our extensive experience we do not use fit all, cookie cut lenses. We appraise your needs and suggest the use of everything from the latest digitally (High Definition) made lenses, to good old bifocal and trifocal lenses. We can usually even demonstrate the visual difference your new prescription will give you before you have them made.

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