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"A great experience from start to finish. Raphael helped me select frames that complimented my face. No games with the prices. They are all right there on the frame.

I am a natural curious guy. I asked a lot of questions and he seemed more then happy to answer and teach about optics My daughter came with me. Mr. Tedesco helped her pick out frames as if she were getting glasses too. Forget all the other stores. If you need glasses and can get to Raphael's, go there!" - Frank A.

"I have gotten 3 pairs of glasses at Raphael Opticians and my daughter has gotten 2. When we walked into the store, Mr. Tedesco greeted us and proceeded to suggest different frames. It was so different from the mega-eyewear stores where you are left to wander among the shelves of frames. Mr. Tedesco selected beautiful frames which really fit my face!! And I get compliments on them all the time - even in the grocery store! If you need glasses and want to look your best, this is the store!" - Rita M.

"I have been a customer of Ray at Raphael Opticians for over 25 years. I have remained his loyal customer even after I moved to New York City 16 years ago. Why? Because he is simply the best. His skill is unparalled, his service excellent and he is a great guy. What more can I say?" - Herb F.

"My family has been going to Raphael Opticians for almost 30 years.

I just got a new pair of eyeglasses from Raphael Opticians. They are so perfect that looking through them seems as if I'm not wearing glasses at all. The frames are comfortable and really enhance my face.

Ray, the optician, gives you all the time necessary to get the perfect fit, both for the frames and the lenses. He will adjust your frames as they expand over time so they don't slip and slide.

I've had friends tell me about their bad experiences at other optical suppliers. Their new eyeglasses made them dizzy or they could not get used to the progressive multi-focal lenses. That doesn't happen when you get your glasses at Raphael Opticians." - E H.

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