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Top 5 signs you should have your prescription checked

May 9, 2022

Can you remember how long you've got your current glasses? If it's been a couple of years, your current prescription may not be as accurate as it used to be.

According to the American Optometric Association, adults should have comprehensive eye exams at least every two years and have their prescription glasses adjusted every one to three years. If you don't, the eyeglasses or contact lenses you're wearing may not be giving you the clearest vision possible.

Still, it would help to know the actual tell-tale signs that you might need your prescription checked.

Here are our top five signs you need new glasses prescription from your doctor.

1. You experience headaches or eye fatigue more often

If you find yourself getting headaches or experiencing eye fatigue more frequently, it may be a sign that your eyeglasses aren't providing the right level of correction. This is especially true if the headaches are concentrated around your temples or behind your eyes.

Experiencing headaches, or worst, migraines can be an early sign of an incorrect eye prescription. If you constantly experience these, have your eyes checked right away as it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

2. You squint more often or rub your eyes frequently

If you find yourself squinting more often to see things up close or from a distance, it may be a sign that you need a new prescription. The same goes for if you find yourself rubbing your eyes frequently throughout the day.

Many may not notice it but when you have uncorrected vision, your eyes will naturally try to compensate by either squinting or rubbing your eyes. If this occurs frequently, be sure to consult with your doctor.

3. Your vision suddenly changes

Have you ever woken up and felt like your vision has changed overnight? While this may be normal for some, a sudden vision change can also be a sign that your eyes aren't being properly corrected.

If you experience a sudden vision change, it's best to have an eye examination as soon as possible. This way, your doctor can determine if a change in prescription is needed or if there's another underlying cause.

4. You feel eye strain or experience blurry vision

If you frequently feel eye strain or have blurry vision, it could be a sign that you need a new prescription. Blurry vision is often a sign of farsightedness, while eye strain can be a sign of nearsightedness.

And it's not okay to endure either of these conditions. If you find that your vision isn't as clear as it used to be or you're constantly experiencing eye strain, be sure to consult your trusted eye doctor as soon as possible.

5. You have trouble seeing at night

If you find yourself having difficulty seeing at night, it may be a sign that you need a new prescription. This is because your eyes aren't receiving the proper amount of light, making it difficult to see.

If you're constantly having trouble seeing while driving at night, be sure to consult with your doctor. They may recommend that you get a new prescription or that you try a different type of corrective lens.

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These are just some of the signs that you should have your prescription checked. If you're experiencing any of these, get in touch with us now for a quick consultation.

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