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What to Expect from a White Plains Eyeglass Store

July 11, 2023

There are numerous reasons why a person’s vision might start to go bad, but luckily, we have opticians who can help you see more clearly. However, getting prescription solutions at a White Plains eyeglass store can seem daunting, especially for people who haven’t had to do it before. This guide should help clear up any confusion you have and prepare you for your upcoming visit.

What does an optician do?

Opticians are trained professionals who specialize in the design, fitting, and dispensing of eyewear for customers who need corrective lenses. They work closely with customers to ensure that the eyewear they purchase will fulfill their vision needs and fit their particular lifestyle. Opticians are not doctors and cannot diagnose vision problems, but they work closely with optometrists and ophthalmologists to provide customers with the right eyewear solutions.

What to expect when visiting a White Plains eyeglass store.

Comprehensive eye exam.

Before purchasing new eyeglasses, opticians may require you to take a comprehensive eye exam performed by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. These skilled professionals examine the eyes to detect vision problems and any underlying health issues. A comprehensive eye exam will include several tests to examine the overall health of your eyes such as testing visual acuity, a slit-lamp test, tonometry, and more. Based on the results of the eye exam, the doctor will prescribe the right corrective lenses, which the optician will use to craft the perfect eyewear.

Snellen chart

Eyewear selection process.

After the eye exam, the optician will help you select the right eyewear solution for your specific vision needs. The optician will first assess your style and preferences before showing you the available options. They may have several eyewear brands in-store for you to choose from, or they may offer custom-made solutions. During the eyewear selection process, it is important to be honest with the optician about your preferences, budget, and style to find the perfect solution.

Frame fitting.

Once you’ve selected your eyewear at your White Plains eyeglass store, the optician will take precise measurements and adjust the frames to fit your face perfectly. Proper frame fitting is essential to ensure that your eyewear is comfortable and will sit correctly on your face to optimize your vision correction. The optician will use specialized equipment such as a pupillometer to measure your pupillary distance to ensure that the lenses are aligned correctly.

Lens crafting and finishing.

After the frame fitting, the optician will begin crafting your lenses to match your exact prescription. They may use sophisticated digital tools to get the measurements just right. Once the lenses are crafted, the optician will assemble them into the frames, ensuring that they are centered correctly and free of defects. Depending on the optician, this process can take anywhere from 1 business day to a few business days, but always ask for the approximate time they expect to take.

Final testing and delivery.

When the eyewear is complete, the optician will do a final inspection of the lenses, checking the prescription and ensuring the frames fit perfectly. They will also check your vision with the new eyewear to ensure that the lenses do the required job correctly. When everything is perfect, the optician will release the eyewear to you and provide instructions on how to keep them clean and handle them carefully.

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Here at Raphael Opticians, we believe that service comes first and eyewear there after. With 58 years of being in the industry, we have trained to become master opticians. In that time, we’ve seen how our industry can take advantage of consumers, but we do things differently. No matter what your eyecare needs are, we’re confident we have the solution for you. If you still have questions about our services, simply visit our FAQ, or you can contact us to get started today.

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